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Production of castings


The foundry produces castings from grey cast iron up to 1600 kg.

Technical standards:

42 2410EN-GJL-100EN-JL1010
42 2415EN-GJL-150EN-JL1020
42 2420EN-GJL-200EN-JL1030
42 2425EN-GJL-250EN-JL1040
42 2430EN-GJL-300EN-JL1050

Production of cast patterns

The foundry produces the cast patterns in its own wood workshop.
Types of wood: pine, maple, alder, beech

Manual moulding

Sand mixture: bentonite
Maximum size of casting boxes: 2800 x 1850 x 550 mm


The metal is melted in a cold air cupola furnace with 750 mm diameter.